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About ridesnvibes

About ridesnvibes

March 2018: Established

Just a guy, his cars, and a hobby. It all started with a MK3 Volkswagen Jetta and VLOG's/short films documenting its' modifications. This led to venturing out to car shows and local meets such as SlammedEnuff or Cars and Coffee from various cities and states and "filming" the builds and the people. What's been witnessed is one giant family - the car culture is definitely inviting if you have the right attitude towards others builds.

While venturing out to local meets, I've been able to document the car culture and thought that sharing the footage would be fun, all while trying to meet as many fellow enthusiasts and unique rides along the way. I wasn't wrong! I've truly had a blast attending different events, both small and large, and sharing the venues and rides I've seen. Some of my favorite builds on my feed I've been able to see in person.

Eventually, this infatuation evolved into an Instagram feed built for the followers that built their rides. OEM+, Stanced, Track or Daily, if it's been modified or if it's an unmolested gem, it can end up on video or featured on the feed. This social media outlet has led to an even larger community of people that believe in Low Rides and Chill Vibes (LRCV)!

What's next in store? Only time will tell, but I appreciate you all for riding with me and I will try to keep it interesting!




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